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Drum Major Awards_Nomination Poster and form (download & print form here)


Dear Community Leader,

Here’s your nomination form for the 2018 Drum Major awards, to be presented at the 12th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend Community Awards Breakfast on January 15, 2018. This year we are presenting 12 awards to the people, businesses, civic organizations, law enforcement, education or faith communities who best exemplify the spirit of Dr. Kings call to civic and faith activism.


Please pick one of the award categories on the form and nominate a person (or group of people) or organization you think deserving of such an award. Feel free to make as many nomination as you wish, using multiple forms, or just put your nominee’s name and other information on a sheet of paper or in an e-mail, and get it back to us by December 15.


Professional Service Award (to the person, business or organization demonstrating the best of what “professional service” means)


Human Services Award (to the agency or organization that has most contributed to the benefit of all people of Horry County)


Judicial and Law Enforcement Service Award (to the person in the field of judiciary or law enforcement who has best demonstrated conduct and behavior advancing the cause of Civil Rights and community justice)


Teacher of the Year (to the teacher or school administrator who has best exemplified the

meaning of civil rights education)


Good Samaritan Award (to the person who has contributed the most selfless, humanitarian act or behavior that defines what a true “good Samaritan” is)


Grand Strand Leadership Award (to a person who has most contributed to the general welfare and on an organization or institution in Horry County by virtue of his or her leadership skills)


Drum Major for Change (to the person who has best exemplified the capacity and desire for personal change)


Drum Major for Civic Activism (to the person who has best exemplified the spirit of Dr. King’s call to civic activism)


Booker T. Washington Award (to a member of the African-American community

who has contributed to the general benefit of Horry County)


Business Entrepreneur Award (to the business that has most demonstrated good business practices in Horry County)


Business and Community Leader of the Year (to the person who has best exemplified dual roles of leadership both in business and in the community)


Drum Major Award for Lifetime Achievement in Civic and Faith Activism (special award to a person who has best exemplified the spirit of Dr. King’s call to civic as well as faith activism)


Thanks for your participation in the nomination process, and we hope to see you at the Annual Drum Major Awards Breakfast (details coming to you soon).


On behalf of the MLK Weekend Planning Committee,


Bennie Swans


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